Having battled depression and self esteem issues for years, I never really focused on things like make up or beauty treatments/regimes. I didn’t think I was worth the time or effort.

But, after having my eyebrows re-shaped and made over (seriously), I discovered that certain changes could make all the difference to my appearance…and in turn, my confidence!

So I started trying more treatments, buying more make up, trying more looks and discovering new tools. I loved it, I loved experimenting with and reading about new products and I very quickly became the ‘person to ask’ if my friends had spotted something new and wanted an honest opinion on it before they bought it.

The blogging came later!

I had a brief stint as the blogger for livelaughlove.london and discovered that writing was the most amazing outlet for me. It was a form of release and it occupied me to the point where it was stopping relapses in my depression as I was feeling accomplished and nourished.

And so, huntblog.org was born…then came Athena beauty and the rest is history!