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Bored of the Gym? You need to try these!

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty bored of the standard gym business model now. Fitness is evolving past just standard hours, standard equipment and standard classes.

I’ve discovered 3 progressive businesses local to me, that are taking fitness to the next level and making a healthier, happier and more active you even more accessible.

Saffron Walden Fitness, Saffron Walden


How many of us find it SO much easier and more enjoyable to workout in a group? How many of us join a gym just for the classes?

Well, Lorraine Thompson has created the perfect solution to those who just want to go to group exercise classes and it’s genius!

Saffron Walden fitness offers a vast range of classes and bootcamps to suit all abilities and appetites. You can enjoy classics like Body Pump and Aerobics, or perhaps try your hand at something a little different, like Clubbercise or Pound Fit.

My personal favourite is Clubbercise as it’s so much fun, you forget you’re exercising and not just cutting shapes!

The really awesome thing is that the schedule is constantly updated with new classes (the most recent being Punch Fit – think punching a bag to banging tunes in a dark room with disco lights!) and Lorraine is constantly listening to suggestions and asking for member feedback.

Talking of members – you don’t even have to be one if it doesn’t suit you. Fancy Pay as you go? No problem. Want to buy a pack of 10 classes? They’ve got you. Want full access membership to all classes and bootcamps? They’ll give it to you with no strings and no contract, so if you need to cancel, you can do it online with just a month’s notice.

Oh, did I mention they do specialised mum and baby classes and memberships? Coz they do!

And for a bit of extra icing on that cake, they do kids classes too. BOOM.


Unique Health and Fitness, Dunmow


So we’ve discussed classes and bootcamps, but what about those of us who need a little more one on one time to get the results we want?

Unique Health and Fitness is a PT based concept that is results and progress focussed.

They offer scheduled, PT-led workouts that take place in small groups of 3, so you get all the motivation you need in the space of an hour.

And it’s not just the same old same old – you get a real mix of activity from Battle ropes to boxing!

You can burn up to 700cals in just one session and it consists of a range of weight and cardio based exercise so you really do get a full body workout.

Members have posted some amazing body transformations, but what really stood out to me was the amount of people saying they had made some of their strongest friendships and gained so much confidence since joining.

Membership cost is at the higher end of the scale, but quite frankly it’s MUCH less than what you would pay for a PT session bundle and you can go AS MUCH as you like. Not to mention the nutritional advice and support you get as part of the package.


Snap Fitness, Bishops Stortford


I’ve been a member of Snap Fitness for over a year now and I genuinely can’t fault it. It literally has something for everyone!

Firstly, it’s open 24hrs a day, so if you work shifts, have insomnia or prefer working out in a completely empty gym – this is the option for you.

Secondly, in addition to their standard instructor lead classes, there is a wide range of ‘virtual’ classes so you can still do an instructor lead class at almost any time to suit you.

Lastly, not only do they have all the latest workout equipment, but they also have spin bikes with individual screens in the main gym – which is basically my dream come true.

My exercise of choice is spinning, mostly because I have quite severe hypermobility and it’s hard to find a sustainable form of exercise that doesn’t eventually cause me some sort of strain or injury, but also because I can burn maximum calories in the space of an hour.

I also generally prefer a solitary workout – because I’m not massively confident when it comes to exercise (I don’t exactly have an athletes body!) so all in all, Snap Fitness is absolutely ideal for me.

Don’t get me wrong, Snap also provide PT sessions, group workouts and great social meets (deadlift social!), not to mention member of the month incentives and even self defence classes. So it’s not all solo workouts!

Oh, did I mention their membership is not only extremely reasonable, but they constantly do new member deals too.


So there you have it – three progressive ways to get your fit on!


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