Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit

I know I’ve only just recently posted about a Makeup Revolution product but I have been eagerly awaiting these lip kits since I heard about them. 

With the likes of Kylie cosmetics and Huda Beauty selling their lip kits for between £20-£30, the market (and my purse!) is screaming out for a cheaper alternative and I think MR have actually cracked it. These kits are an extremely purse friendly £6!

Being properly released next week, these kits have been popping up in the odd Superdrug across the country and I managed to track a couple down near me. 

As far as I’m aware, there are only 4 shades available (so far) so I went for two – Regal (top) and Glory (bottom). 

The liner in the kit is soft and for a budget brand, felt great and had a decent dose of pigment. It was easy to apply and I would quite happily use it with other liquid lippies I already own. 

Now, to the lipstick. I wouldn’t say it’s as richly pigmented as it’s much more expensive competitors but all that meant is I had to apply a little more than I would normally. 

Once dry, this lippie didn’t budge and had just as much staying power as the Huda Beauty range. It wasn’t any more or less drying than Huda either. One thing to look out for is your teeth! Check them before you go out because until this product is dry, I noticed it had a habit of sticking to my top front teeth. 

Once dry, my lips were coated in dense, matte colour and I noticed no real difference between this kit and the more expensive ones I own…which I’m pretty sure made my purse weep with joy!

I would say the only thing I’m a bit disappointed about is the lack of shade variety. With only 4 to choose from, MR are limiting themselves and their audience somewhat as the 4 shades aren’t going to suit all skin tones. Hopefully we will see this range expand over 2017. 

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