Ciate Precious Metal Eyeshadow

I know I only recently posted about the Makeup Revolution foil finish eyeshadows but I stumbled upon this on Asos (who are seriously coming into their own as a cult beauty supplier btw) and I had to give it a go. 

Unlike the MR version, this comes in a two part pot with a nude coloured primer/base in the top and the glitter pigment in a separate compartment below. 

Now, when I say pigment I really mean PIGMENT here! It was like pure rose gold/champagne sparkle that was solid and intense. 

The instructions are to apply the base with a finger, then use the little brush supplied to pat the shadow on top. I used a brush to apply the base as I didn’t want any oil from my finger to affect the staying powder of the shadow. 

I was really impressed with how long it lasted too, I literally put it on in the morning and it didn’t smudge, fade or crease the entire day – just stayed exactly where I had put it till I removed it before bed! 

I didn’t really know that Ciate did makeup until I saw it on ASOS, I thought they only did nail polishes (which I never really rated if I’m honest) but after trying this, I’m open to giving some of their other products a go. Although, having said that, I would only go for them on sale as they are heading towards the upper end of the price scale for me. This shadow was on sale for £10.50 down from £18 and can be found Here

I’m going to add some more pics of the shadow applied and the pigment swatched so check back here in a day or so. 


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