Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals

I’ve tried a few products by Makeup Revolution as there’s a Superdrug near my office and they have a really decent stand there. However I didn’t find these in store, I found them online when looking for their Banana Powder.

Firstly, they took quite a while to arrive (well, to me anyway but perhaps I’ve been spoiled by Amazon Prime!). I ordered them at the beginning of December and got them in the final week of – this could have been because of Christmas though so I would order online again to get another gauge of how quickly they arrive. 

Having said that, when they did arrive, MUR had included a free lip laquer which is a sure fire way to win my forgiveness!

Anyway, on to the product. I ordered two shades: Emerald Goddess and Rose Gold, with Rose Gold being the winner for me. Emerald Goddess would be great for a mermaid look, perhaps in the summer when the festivals kick off. 

The kit comes with a small bottle of primer, the pot of colour and a little metal mixing tray with the instructions printed on the side of the box. It’s a pretty simple process; you squeeze a little drop of the primer into the tray and a small amount of the colour before mixing and applying immediately. 

I thought the pigment in the pot was actually going to be a powder but it was quite a wet mixture and definitely needed mixing with the primer before application in order to get the right consistency for application. It’s best to pat this on and build it in layers for that really solid metal finish, but be aware that the thicker you put it on, the more likely it is to flake off as it will become too heavy to adhere to the fine skin on your lids. 

One of the biggest points to rave about for this product (apart from the fact it does what it promises and looks awesome) is that it seriously stays put. When I swatched it, I let the patches dry and then had a good prod and rub with minimal transference apart from a few glittery pigments. 

Emerald Goddess (bottom) is currently on sale at £3 and Rose Gold (top) is £4 and you can get them HERE

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