My skincare favourites right now

Does anyone else feel like they are endlessly searching for that wonder product that will give them dream skin? No? Just me?Honestly the amount of money I have spent over the years doesn’t bear thinking about (I regret NOTHING!). But I feel like it needs to be done because my skin is constantly changing and everything affects it from the seasons to my *ahem* cycle.

As tech within the beauty industry evolves there are more and more products that come out every day making all sorts of sensational claims and using words like ‘miracle’ and ‘magic’. But some of them come with ridiculous price tags and since I’m not operating on a Kim K budget, not all of those high end products are within my reach!

I’m gonna give you a run down of some of my favourites and why they stand out to me.


Mabel + Meg Lumilixir Serum £40 from http://www.mabelandmeg.com (or you can get it on cult beauty now too!!!!)

Lawwwwd this stuff was a groundbreaker for me! A potent mix of Vitamin C and Hylauronic acid, this serum offers skin a boost of radiance without any grease or oil. Thus making it an awesome primer!

It’s not tacky, sticky or slimy but leaves skin smooth and soft and ready for the application of makeup whilst continuing to work hard for you under all that contour and glitz. At £40 (for the larger bottle) it’s probably at the higher end of what I would pay for a single product and tbh probably more than I would normally spend on a primer. BUT it isn’t just a primer, it’s a lip moisturiser (apply before a matte liquid lip to avoid that common drying and flakiness), it helps your cream contour blend better and it is a lovely night time treatment for the skin too so it’s multifunctional.

I’ve only used this in the winter, when I’m subject to greasy patches on some bits of my face and scaly dryness on others (deep joy!) so I can’t say how it fares on summer skin. But it provided me with an extra layer of moisture and it genuinely left my skin feeling plumper and more nourished.


Clinique Superdefense Daily Defence Moisturizer SPF 20 £40 (I got mine from Boots but you can get in on Amazon for £38.65)

I’ve been through my fair share of moisturisers in my time – from off the shelf £3 jobbies to £110 pots of ‘Hydrator gel’ from my local beauty salon. This one has come out on top for my skin at the moment.

In the last 6 months, I seem to have acquired the skin of a teenager, in that I have patches of acne and the oiliest T-zone in the known universe so I decided to switch to an oil free moisturiser.

Now, I also swear by using SPF every single day because it’s UV rays that are the main culprit for accelerated skin ageing, wrinkles and uneven skin stone. I was using Soap and Glory’s sunshield superfluid as its SPF 50, contains Vit C, releases anti oxidants and contains oil absorbing powders BUT it wasn’t helping with my oily skin and I felt like it was just putting another layer of something on that could be aggravating my skin in general.

So, I wanted to find an oil free moisturiser that also had my SPF to make sure I wasn’t layering too many products on my face and pissing my skin off even more than I already seemed to be (seriously, my skin has zero chill).

This moisturiser is doing the trick at the moment as it’s got a really light texture but doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry. I’ve also found with oil free stuff in that past that it leaves this odd coating on my skin, like it’s just sitting there and not actually absorbing – this doesn’t do that at all which means I don’t have any residue and my makeup is on my face rather than sitting on a layer of schmutz.

I reckon this would be a good moisturiser all year round due to it being so light. I guess the only downside is I wish the SPF could be a little higher but apparently 20 is enough!


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask £16.68 from various online retailers (I got mine from Amazon)

Ok so you guys already know how much I love my lipsticks (see my liquid lips post!) so, for me this products is AMAZEBALLS. Like I literally think I will just keep buying it forever. It is, hands down, the best night time lip treatment out there. Trust me!

Firstly, it smells divine like some sort of berry candy. Secondly, it feels positively dreamy when you put it on. You can apply a healthy layer with the cute little spatula it comes with and overnight it works it’s magic to soften and gently exfoliate your lips. When you wipe it off in the morning I guarantee your lips will feel lovely. In the winter, this product is an absolute must and my secret to avoiding any chapping, cracking, flaking or even feeling generally dry (I use it during the day if I’m not wearing a lip colour too). I will be using it in the summer too but only at night.

Now, I wouldn’t say this is cheap but I would say it’s worth it if you like waking up to soft, pillowy lips.


Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel £2.95 (currently half price from £5.99)

Another overnight wonder, this is without a doubt, the best value for money product on this post. I bought it because of the price, because I was curious and because I had seen a lot of higher end brands selling the same thing for A LOT more money.

During the night the bonds in your skin cells are weaker which means it’s the perfect time for products like these to get to work. It’s not a ‘peel’ in the sense you might think, but instead it dissolves the dead skin cells to reveal the newer skin beneath.

You need to apply after cleansing and toning and you basically spread a pea sized amount over your face, let it dry and go to bed to let it do it’s thang. I woke up, washed it off in the shower and immediately noticed that my skin felt softer, moisturised and not oily (hallelujah!). If I was you I would go out and grab this while it’s still half price because I reckon it’s a great alternative to products like Pixi’s overnight glow serum which costs £26.


Clean and Clear Sensitive Skin Deep Cleansing Lotion £2.50 (or thereabouts) from most chemists or online retailers

For ages I just cleansed and moisturised with the occasional exfoliation. I couldn’t see the point of using a toner and thought it was just a bit of a gimmick. But when a friend bought me a Clinique 3 step set for my last birthday I realised what I had been missing.

It turns out that even after cleansing, there’s still probably some dirt and makeup left on your skin and, because your pores are open from the cleansing, the old skin and dust in our bedding can get in there and cause spots.

I found that all of these are much of a muchness so you don’t need to splurge on Clinique to get the benefits of ultra clean skin and the tightening of pores – you can pick up a Superdrug or Boots own brand and I get they would be just as good. I like this one as it’s for sensitive skin and leaves my face feeling uber clean and helps control the oil on my face. Don’t go overboard with this though – it’s pretty astringent because by nature it’s dissolving oil and dirt and so it’s not good for the delicate skin around the eye – use an eye makeup remover for that.


Cor Silver Soap £15 (10g) from http://www.cultbeauty.co.uk

So I made a decision after trying out pretty much every cleanser I could get my hands on, that almost all of them did the same thing for me – I just couldn’t see much difference. Then after entering my 30’s I decided to go back to basics and started looking at straight up bars of soap. I know, I know, soap! But this isn’t your ordinary bar of Dove.

Cor have formulated their silver soap with a long list of ingredients including avocado oil, jojoba and vitamins E and A but it’s the silver silica (or nano silver) that really makes a difference as it calms redness, it totally antibacterial and even helps to balance the skin tone. As a sufferer of adult acne (which is particularly bad at the moment for hormonal reasons), this soap is a saviour for me and one of the few things that actually makes a difference.

It’s got quite a few celebrity fans and even won a beauty shortlist award too.

So there you have it. This is basically my skin routine in a post! I continue to try other stuff in my quest for perfection though so don’t expect the skin care posts to end here! 


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