Battle of the Liquid Lips

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m loving this lip revolution. The beauty market is currently full of high intensity, long wear colours and I feel like I need them ALL in my life! However, I’m painfully aware that when loads of brands start making what seem like the same thing – it’s hard to know which one to invest your money in? I mean, some of these lippies aren’t cheap!

Soooo I’ve taken a hit for all of you (or rather, my purse has) and I’ve tried and tested some of the most popular ones out there, y’know…totally selflessly…so you don’t have to.

Anyway, you’re welcome!

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte (£18 from www.cultbeaty.co.uk)

This lipstick was beautifully packaged and had intense pigment. Plus, there wasn’t one shade that I didn’t want – they were all blimmin’ gorgeous. I opted for a sultry, dark shade entitled Vixen.

It went on quite thin so wasn’t the easiest to apply as I found it hard to get one even layer. It dried quickly and didn’t leave my lips feeling dehydrated though. However, it smudged easily and at one point in the day I had a big streak coming off my lip and onto my face without noticing until I did a mirror check (classy huh?). With regards to eating and wearing a darker shade – take it off first! The mess left behind was not pleasant and most of the colour came off or smudged while I ate, I was not impressed given the high end price.

That being said, it didn’t stop me buying another one, with a matching lip liner this time (I went for Famous). Having learned my lesson with the smudging, I applied the liner and a much thinner layer of colour this time. It was still a bit messy but I would say it behaved more like a ‘stain’ this time around and lasted much better. A little goes a long way with this stuff so in terms of quantity to price it’s not the worst value.

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick ($17 USD from www.kyliecosmetics.com beware of being stung by shipping costs and customs charges with this one if you’re in the UK)

I held off buying any of the Kylie lipsticks because of the price of shipping to the UK…..and possibly because I’m not Kylie’s biggest fan on a personal level. However, I know that despite attaching her name to it all, she’s probably had some clever minds behind the product development and therefore it was worth a try.

Initially I tried a cheeky Ebay purchase of a minis set – THIS WAS A TERRIBLE MISTAKE!!! Of course, these turned out to be fake – I’m doing a whole separate post about this so give it a read when it’s up.

I eventually bought two (Koko K and Dolce K) from the official site and had them shipped to the UK…which ended up costing a small fortune due to the shipping costs and then being hit by customs charges too. (it ended up coming to £25 each for the lip colours, plus they took a while to arrive. I wanted them to be the best thing that had ever touched my lips by the time I opened that box…)

That being said, the colours weren’t disappointing – true to what was on the site (although given the limited range of product I feel like these guys could do with adding some more detailed swatching to their site – but then I guess that’s what they use Instagram for) and a rich, dense pigment on the lips, giving a solid colour and perfect coverage.

These lasted several hours, through some eating and drinking (although they lost a little colour by then) and didn’t need much of a touch up. HOWEVER, they made my lips feel like I needed to cut them off and soak them in Vaseline for about a week! This was easily the most drying out of all the brands I tried and my poor lips felt flaky and dehydrated both during and after wear. I would continue to wear them but certainly with well prepared lips – think scrub and oil/moisturising treatment (remove oil before applying colour) or use Mabel & Meg Lumilixir which isn’t oil based so doesn’t require removing – just let it dry and don’t over apply.

Lime Crime Matte Velvetines (£14.95 from www.love-makeup.co.uk)

I have to say, this brand is a personal favourite of mine. Their make up is vegan and cruelty free, is packaged beautifully and the Matte Velvetines come in so many shades, it’s easy to have a shade for literally any make up look you can think of. Plus, their tag line is ‘Makeup for Unicorns’ which appeals to me on a soul level.

I’ve got more shades in this brand than any other because they glide on perfectly without being gloopy or sticky, they provide total colour coverage for my lips with just one fine coat and last ages. Like any of the brands, if you eat loads (particularly oily food) you will lose some and I don’t recommend touching up lime crime as it doesn’t layer well – you’re better off removing what’s left and reapplying.

They smell divine and aren’t super drying on my lips. I find that I have to give a couple of minutes for the colour to dry (like paint), but once dry, it’s not tacky and doesn’t smudge so you can rely on some pretty solid wear from this brand with no flaking or cracking.

Lime Crime also do a range of metallic too, that have all the benefits of their mattes. My favourite was Lana which was a pure copper colour. It went on just like one of the Velvetines, smelled just as good and lasted just as long – it was an absolute winner.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor (around £8 from multiple shops and websites including amazon, boots etc)

This little dark horse in on the lower end of the budget, but it was a serious competitor for the luxury brands and really surprised me for a high street buy.

I went for a vivid red in this one (Passion) as it had cooler undertones which meant it wouldn’t make my teeth look yellow (a common problem I have with the more pillar box reds, despite my teeth being fairly white) and it applied perfectly with no bleeding or smudging. It didn’t feel sticky or waxy and smelled good. Now, Revlon don’t market this one as being super long wear but it lasted for about 3 hours before needing a touch up and that was only because I was eating and drinking. Because it’s not sticky or drying – in fact it was moisturising! – I was able to touch it up as needed and maintained a flawless lip for the majority of the day.

This was well worth the money and I’m actually a little disappointed they only have 7 shades.

Jefree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick. ($18 each from www.beautylish.com)

Like Lime Crime, I feel like JS is a brand that encourages us to embrace exactly who we are, how we are and be proud of it. The bold shades inspire a range of looks and Jefree’s enhanced, but enviable pout showcases his colours to the Nth degree.

With awesome names like ‘Designer Blood’ and ‘Doll Parts’, a yummy scent and bright, sleek packaging, I loved these lippies as soon as I discovered them. Beautylish.com offer free shipping to the UK on orders over $35 USD which I thought was pretty good too.

In terms of wear, they apply easily but have quite a thin consistency so you don’t have to use loads to get solid coverage. They didn’t dry my lips and felt super comfortable too. Once dry, there was no smudging and I got a solid 5 hours of wear. After eating my lunch, I did a mirror check and whilst the colour was still great on the outer edges of my lips, the inner area of the lip had lost the colour. The great thing about JS though, is it touches up nicely. I only had to apply a tiny bit more colour to the areas it had come off and it blended perfectly with what was already on the lip.

Jeffree also does a couple of rather delectable velour lip scrubs too – my favourite being pumpkin spice latte. I want to try his Skin Frosts and Beauty Killer palette next.

Jouer Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid (£15 from http://www.cultbeauty.co.uk)

Jouer (zhew-ey) means ‘to play’ in French and that’s exactly what the packaging of these products has allowed me to do. You can literally mix and match the makeup, snap, slide or click it all together and voila! You’ve got your very own custom palette with all your perfect shades.

Anyway, on to the lipstick! I actually got a metallic (Papaye) in this one as I spotted it on Instagram and fell in luuurve with it.

It applied beautifully, giving me soft touch, full coverage effect and about 4 few hours of comfortable wear. The great thing about Jouer is that they incorporate skincare ingredients into their makeup which means the lippies aren’t drying and feel really lovely on the lip.

I found this one lasted longer if you followed their application directions, which were to line the lips with the lippie, allow to dry and then fully apply to the lips. Obviously this means it’s fine to layer up and therefore touches up perfectly.

Jouer also do a ‘lip topper’ in 3 different shades which are supposed to add a shimmery element to your long wear lip crème but I really wasn’t a fan of this. To me, it was basically lip gloss – it didn’t last, felt sticky and odd on my lips and generally was unpleasant to wear. Unfortunately, Jouer missed the mark with this one…but never fear because the next product absolutely NAILED it! 

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers (£13.95 from www.love-makeup.co.uk)

I’m not going to play this down, I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I found out about this stuff. It is literally revolutionary and when it finally became available I took 10 mins to actually choose my shade (there are 6) because I could only afford one at the time!

When my Diamond Crusher actually arrived (I went with Dope) I was not disappointed in the least.

Firstly, the fact that Lime crime products arrive in a non-descript white box that is an explosion of bright fuscia tissue and unicorn when you open it is downright brilliant and just adds to my love of the brand.

Secondly, this product did exactly what they said it would. Marketed as a topper that uses prismatic technology to add a crushed diamond effect on top of your lip colour, this stuff dries like one of their matte colours – as in non transferable and looong wear. It’s multi use too, so you can apply it on your lipstick (any lipstick – I’ve tried it on loads!) bare lips or use as a mermaid highlighter on cheeks, collarbones or under the brow. This glorious concoction works with any colour you put it over so I find myself constantly pleasantly surprised and desperate to use it on everything.

Did I mention it also smells awesome? I want to own ALL of them!!

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick (£6.50 from www.Boots.com)

This is another little high street gem. At £6.50 I felt this lippie was, quite frankly, a bargain and deserves a place up there with some of the higher end and more expensive products.

Liquid suede comes in a very respectable 24 shades, with a decent mix of classics and bold, brights. Offering long-wearing, vivid colour in one creamy swipe, I felt like NYX really delivered on this one. The lippie dried matte, was comfortable and easy to apply with a nice, rich pigment. Infused with Avocado oil and Vitamin E, I actually feel like more thought has gone into these colours than some of the more expensive options. I ended up buying several shades in this range and I have yet to try one that I don’t like. As a brand I find that NYX offer on-trend and affordable makeup that has surprisingly high quality ingredients.

NYX also do a range of lip colours called Lingerie which is available in 12 stunning colour-kissed nudes at the same price as the Liquid Suede. These are genuinely glorious and when I stood in boots and swatched every tester they had, I literally ended up deliberating for almost half an hour trying to pick my favourite. They do a lid lingerie range too that I really want to try.


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