A Bargain Find of Festive Sparkle

I popped into Superdrug on my lunch today (by popped in, I obviously mean I made my daily pilgrimage as there’s a good one round the corner from my office). I like checking out a couple of the cheaper brands in there as they often come out with dupes of higher end products and they’re not all bad!

Anyway, I was taking a good look at the MUA display and spotted these beauties tucked away near the bottom.

I was immediately attracted to the shades as they were more sultry shades than the usual sparkly lip colours that can run the risk of leaving you looking like a christmas decoration.

MUA call these ‘Metallic Liquid Lips’ and they normally retail at a modest £4 each. HOWEVER they are currently half price! That’s right £2 each!!! (Naturally I bought 3).

I picked my fave ones and swatched them below:

Top to bottom – Blaze, Luster, Glint

Now although I guess these are technically a lip gloss, I found them to behave much more like a lip creme (think Jouer liquid lipstick). They went on with a really smooth stroke and, for a £2 lippie, the pigment density was great! They weren’t sticky, gloopy or waxy which was a massive plus but be careful when layering as too much and it’ll just slide off.

I didn’t expect this stuff to last ages but if left alone, it had pretty good staying power (get food involved and you’ll soon need to reapply) and Blaze actually had a tinting quality, so even when the shimmery particles had come off, the red colour was there for quite a while!

So, in conclusion, for £2 these babies are an absolute bargain and a brilliant little addition to the makeup bag for party season. 

Grab them while you can!


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